Time Dimension Default member ( ssas 2012)

יום שבת, אוקטובר 19, 2013

SSAS allow you to define a default member for each attribute in each dimension:The most poplar dimension is the TIME dimension...To define the default last non empty date, Click on the dimension, double click on the attribute in which you want to defint the defaulte value:look for the Default value property, click on Custom MDX, Type the following into the MDX expression box, using the MDX Builder features as you find them helpful:Tail(Filter(..Members, NOT IsEmpty(Time.CurrentMember)),1).Item(0) An explanation of the components of the above expression appears in the following table:ExpressionMeaning..Members,Selecting all months ...Filter(..Members,NOT IsEmptyFilter out those months that are "not unpopulated", and ...Filter(..Members,NOT IsEmpty(Time.CurrentMember))Out of...
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יום ראשון, נובמבר 20, 2011

A while ago I posted about SQL and MDX in separated posts. This time I will walk you through MDX and SQL queries to illustrate the similarities and differences between the two query languages. All the queries are against AdventureWorksDW. I invite you to add comments to make this idea list, even bigger!   SQL MDX To retrieve...
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