Replace the Sum(…) prefix in PowerPivot

יום ראשון, נובמבר 20, 2011

Problem: when playing with PowerPivot and adding  ∑Values you get the prefix Sum(…) before the value. Solution: 1.Click on the dropdown combo on the right hand. 2. Click on Edit Measure. 3.Copy the Formula in the “Measure will use this formula” … 4.Click on the New Measure icon in the Power Pivot Ribbon 5.paste the formula to the measure settings and change the measure name. 6. That’s it. now you have a new calculated member with your own...
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Excel Services Compatibility Checker

יום שני, פברואר 16, 2009

Hi all, It is amazing how EXCEL SERIVECES has become a major technology for departmental BI capability. Check this link to explore SHAHAR PRISH application, that allow you to both figure out what's wrong with your workbooks and fix them so that they work with Excel Services. I would like to thanks Mr Danny Hoter who enlightened me about this Add-in. Follow this link to Excel Services Compatibility Checker Download Page Have fun!!! Ronen
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Query directly from Excel

יום רביעי, ינואר 14, 2009

Hi, As you know there are always customers who want fast delivery NO MATTER WHAT. You can always query directly from the XLS source and by that bypass the ETL step. Please find the attached code for OPEN ROW SET. SELECT * FROM OPENROWSET ('Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0','Excel 12.0;Database={FileLocation}', )  Enjoyee  Ronen  
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