SQL Server Business Intelligence in Windows Azure Virtual Machines

The Windows Azure Virtual Machine gallery includes images that contain SQL Server installations. The SQL Server editions supported in the gallery images are the same installation files you can install to on-premises computers and virtual machines. This topic summarizes the SQL Server Business Intelligence (BI) Features installed on the images and configuration steps required after a virtual machine is provisioned. This topic also describes supported deployment topologies for BI features and best practices. For more info:http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj992719.aspx
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SharePoint 2013 – High Availability with SQL Mirroring


High Availability – Data Tier SharePoint 2013 provides rich integration with SQL Server enabling SharePoint administrators to leverage the high availability solutions provided by Microsoft SQL Server. Changes include support for the Fail-over_Partner keyword, which enables SharePoint 2013 to natively interpret/translate and respond to state changes in a database mirroring topology. Following is brief of how to accomplish SQL Mirroring. SQL Mirroring – The Native Way Since SharePoint 2013 has built-in support for SQL mirroring so farm administrator can configure the SQL environment to mirror a SharePoint content database. When a new database is created, the SharePoint administrator will be prompted to...
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SQL Server 2012 upgrade

SQL_Server_2012_Upgrade_Technical_Reference_Guide_White_Paper.pdfTo attain a smooth and trouble-free upgrade to SQL Server 2012, you must plan for the upgrade and address the complexities of your application. Like all IT projects, planning and then testing your plan gives you confidence that you will succeed. But if you ignore the planning process, you increase the chances of running into difficulties that can derail and delay your upgrade. This document takes you through the essential technical details for planning and testing an upgrade of existing SQL Server 2005, 2008, and 2008 R2 instances to SQL Server 2012. You will be presented with best practices for...
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