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Business Intelligence System Monitor from
Designed for SQL Server
There is a wealth of typically untapped information that collectively describes the health of a Business Intelligence environment and the trustworthiness of the data it stores. Often, problems aren't detected until after a business user notices them: a report won't run, two reports present conflicting results, an ETL process failed, or a log drive filled up. BI System Monitor is a solution designed to provide a one-stop, quick-glance dashboard to allow you to assess the quality of your data and the health of the hardware and software supporting your BI platforms. It’s BI

about BI.
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TSQL data audits may evaluate various SQL Server databases and capture important metrics so that issues can be handled before business users discover them or serious system problems are encountered. Well thought-out data audits should result in business users spending less time questioning whether or not the data in their reports is correct and spending more time using the BI platform to manage their business. What types of audits might be performed? There are numerous possibilities.

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