The advantages in deploying a model using DirectQuery mode


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There are many advantages to deploying a model using DirectQuery mode:

  • It is possible to have a model over data sets that are too large to fit in memory on the Analysis Services server.

  • The data is guaranteed to be up-to-date, and there is no extra management overhead of having to maintain a separate copy of the data. Changes to the underlying source data can be immediately reflected in queries against the data model.

  • DirectQuery can take advantage of provider-side query acceleration, such as that provided by xVelocity memory optimized column indexes.

  • Any security enforced by the back-end database is guaranteed to be enforced, using row-level security. In contrast, if you are using cached data, it can be difficult to ensure that the cache is secured exactly as on the server.

  • If the model contains complex formulas that might require multiple queries, Analysis Services can perform optimization to ensure that the query plan for the query executed against the back-end database will be as efficient as possible.

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