Render Reports with SharePoint 2.0


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Reporting Services provides several Web Parts that work with specific versions of a report server and in particular deployment modes. If you want to access report server content on a SharePoint site from a native mode report server, use the SharePoint 2.0 Web Parts that are included with Reporting Services. Instructions for installing and using the 2.0 Web Parts are provided in this link:

The Report Viewer Web Part has the same name as a newer Report Viewer Web Part that is part of the Reporting Services Add-in, a SharePoint integration feature for Reporting Services report servers. Although it has the same name, it is a different Web Part that has a different schema and implementation. The Report Viewer Web Parts are not interchangeable despite having the same name. Visually, you can distinguish the two Web Parts through the following characteristic: the Report Viewer 3.0 Web Part that is installed through the add-in has an Actions menu on the toolbar

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