Server Management Report Samples


The Server Management sample reports include two sets of reports: it can be found here Server Management reports are a set of predefined report definition files that use SQL Server metadata as a source of information for reports. You can use the sample reports to view server information or as templates for designing new reports. Execution Log sample reports includes predefined report files, sample database scripts, and a sample SQL Server Integration Services package that you can use to view execution log data for a report server. ...
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Configuring Available Memory for Report Server Applications


Although Reporting Services can use all available memory, you can override default behavior by configuring an upper limit on the total amount of memory resources that are allocated to Reporting Services server applications. You can also set thresholds that cause the report server to change how it prioritizes and processes requests depending on whether it is under low, medium, or heavy memory pressure. At low levels of memory pressure, the report server responds by giving a slightly higher priority to interactive or on-demand report processing. At high levels of memory pressure, the report server uses multiple techniques to remain...
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Finding and killing SSAS Sessions

I have found a great BLOG at  it discuss the way to find and Kill an SSAS session: If you have a reasonably large Analysis Services implementation with users running adhoc queries via multiple tools (ProClarity, Excel, etc...) then you have probably run into problems with long-running queries. While longer-running queries may be acceptable in many data warehousing implementations, there will occasionally be a query (maybe even more than one ;) ) that causes resource issues and runs beyond the established limits of reason for your environment. Analysis Services does not have a native tool in...
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Passing URL parameters to Reports in SharePoint


Passing URL report parameters directly to a report in a SharePoint Document Library is enabled in the SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 Integration with SharePoint Add-in. Why? Key intent is to allow specifying non-default report parameter values when rendering of a report in full-page view in SharePoint. How do you use this feature? Simply add-on the URL report parameters onto the URL displayed in SharePoint when viewing a report in full page view. When a report is rendered in full-page view in SharePoint, the URL is displayed in the following...
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חג שמח


שלום לכולם, פגישת ה –יוזרגרופ לחודש אפריל נדחית בעקבות פניות רבות של חברים שבחופשות. נשוב למפגשים ב25.5.2011 ניתן להתעדכן באופן שוטף בדף הFACEBOOK שלנו!/profile.php?id=100001660586714 חג פסח שמח!
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MDX Script Performance Analyser

Another cool project at codeplex in which I am using a lot, to analyze queries and choose the best one… find it at The MDX Script Performance Analyzer allows the user to identify how much each calculated member, named set and scoped assignment in an Analysis Services cube's MDX script contributes to the overall performance of a given MDX query. To use the tool, all you need to do is connect to the database and cube you'll be querying and then enter an MDX query in the main textbox and hit the 'Run Query'...
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SQL Server Analysis Services samples and more

Hi All, I would like to introduce to you a project located at codeplex  that contains SQL Server Analysis Services samples contributed by Microsoft outside of the regular release cycle, MVPs, and other members of the community. The release contains the following projects: Compress M2M C# Application A Solution for Collecting Analysis Services Performance Data for Performance Analysis - Updated 3/6/09 to simplify install and use Scripts for Using ASCMD for Stress Testing - Updated 2/23/09 Script for Creating a Processing...
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A Kerberos authentication fails – error code 0X80090302 or 0x8009030f


if your Kerberos authentication fails together with the error code 0X80090302 or 0x8009030f on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista when the AES algorithm is used, Consider the following scenario: You have two computers that are running Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista. One computer sends a Kerberos authentication message to the other computer. The Kerberos authentication uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm to encrypt and decrypt the authentication data. so to solve this out, download and install this hotfix:
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Excel Services – File Access Method


Hi friends, We are now involved in a very big excel based dashboarding. I will share with you some of the things we have run into –> so it makes easy for you. I hope. File Access Method – This setting determines the authentications method used by the ECS to get workbooks from trusted file locations other than SharePoint document libraries. You have two options for this setting: Impersonation – This is default. The end-user account is used to access the workbooks. Process Account – The ECS process account will be used to access the...
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SQL Server Denali–Early adapters


  היום יצאה לדרך תוכנית המטרו של SQL Server Denali.  התוכנית מיועדת למי שכבר יודע שהוא רוצה להיות באוויר עם פתרון מבוסס  Denali תוך שישה חודשים מההשקה.    מי שיתקבל לתוכנית יקבל הטבות שונות כגון גישה לביטים ושיחות ועידה עם קבוצת המוצר.  יש עדיפות למי שעושה שימוש בחידושים הרבים ביותר מתוך Denali.  פרטים נוספים על התוכנית:   Blog:   C9:    
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