From BI 1.0 to BI 2.0


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BI as a field is moving from BI 1.0 to BI 2.0: from siloed, complicated and IT owned to integrated, flexible, and collaborative


BI has changed a great deal over the years, particularly recently

BI 1.0

In the past, BI focused on

Methodology, technology, and best practices of using data to drive decisions and understand the business.

Provides historical, current, and predictive perspectives

Combines operational and strategic views

However, this still left a lot to be desired.

BI was still owned by the IT department, so business users didn’t have the control or access needed to make effective decisions

Generally slow to respond

Very inflexible

And not very interactive

BI 2.0

The trend today is to address these issues by increasing the capabilities of a BI solution, bringing Discoverability, Collaboration, Self Service, Insights, and Data Access together

And doing all of this through browser based, interactive, and real-time BI to empowering users to make right decisions

BI 2.0 is

Simple to use, and pervasive BI

Collaborative, and engaging BI

Business owns the data

Integrated with business goals and ideals


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