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In the last few month, we have deployed several projects with pyramid analytics.

The customers responded with a very positive feedback about the application, especially from the extraordinary GUI.

What made the projects strictly forwards is the full Microsoft based framework: .net 4 & Silverlight 4. And the outstanding out of the box migration from ProClarity (!)

The Pyramid analytics use Analyses services and Power Pivot as source.

It can be embedded in SharePoint, and can live in its own web portal.

So, why not to share it…

Here are some cool screen shot from the application.

For more details, go to Pyramid analytics web site:



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3 תגובות

  1. Shuki24/01/2011 ב 19:01

    Any suggestin for free/open source for web OLAP Veiw?


  2. Pyramid Analytics09/12/2012 ב 19:54

    Thanks Ronen for the review. we really appreciate it. Have you see our new products lately…some really exciting things going on.

  3. Ronen Chenn10/12/2012 ב 00:49

    Looks very cool Pyramid ,
    Wish you all the best.