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In the last few month, we have deployed several projects with pyramid analytics. The customers responded with a very positive feedback about the application, especially from the extraordinary GUI. What made the projects strictly forwards is the full Microsoft based framework: .net 4 & Silverlight 4. And the outstanding out of the box migration from ProClarity (!) The Pyramid analytics use Analyses services and Power Pivot as source. It can be embedded in SharePoint, and can live in its own web portal. So, why not to share it… Here are some cool screen...
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Oracle Driver Installation for SSIS 2008 R2


  If your SSIS server will require access to  Oracle DB you can find interest in this blog. You must still request access and provide valid credentials to access the information on the Oracle warehouse. This section only instructs how to install and configure the Oracle driver for connectivity. Preparing for the Installation Download the Oracle client to your server’s local C:\ drive, use the table below to determine which installations or additional downloads you must perform. For x64 systems you MUST download BOTH clients and install BOTH clients starting with x86 first then x64. ...
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Next BI User Group–January 26th (#19)


    שלום לכולם, אנחנו ממשיכים בהעברת המיטב של טק אד. והפעם ההרצאה של יוסי אלקיים. כפי שאתם בוודאי יודעים יוסי הוא יועץ בכיר במיקרוסופט וההרצאות שלו תמיד מעניינות ויש לו זווית ראיה ייחודית על העולם הטכנולוגי. Business Intelligence Search Want to better find your reports based on the data they can connect to? BI Search is a new capability that is coming with SharePoint Server 2010, built on top of the FAST Search Engine. With BI Search, you will be easily able to find and preview Excel and Reporting Services Document within SharePoint Server 2010 (And some surprises.....) This session...
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