Upgrading to sql2K8R2 from sql2K5? what about Notification?Services


In the SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Technical Reference (KB + 490 page doc) there is a short chapter, Chapter 9, that addresses Notification Services. You may download the document from the link at the top of the KB page here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc936623.aspx Here are the first paragraphs of the chapter: 9 Notification Services 9.1 Introduction SQL Server 2008 does not include Notification Services; SQL Server 2005 is the last version of Notification Services. However, you can get the latest SQL Server 2005 Notification Services Components Package, which has been updated to allow Notification...
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BI Group meeting (#15) Jul 26, Monday 17:30


I'd like to invite you to our next Israeli BI Group meeting (#15). When: Jul 26, monsday 17:30. Where: Microsoft Offices, Ra'anana, 2 Hapnina Street, floor 0, DEKEL meeting room near the reception. Program:    אריאל נץ,  Principal Product Unit Manager of SQL Server Reporting Services אמיר נץ, Distinguished Engineer וארכיטקט BI  בכיר במיקרוסופט, אבי ה-PowerPivot ערן מגידו, Principal Group Program Manager Excel Services השלושה יתנו למשתתפים הצצה לתהליכי הפיתוח של בינה עסקית במיקרוסופט ישראל.  זוהי הזדמנות יוצאת דופן להבין כיצד מיקרוסופט מתכננת, מפתחת ומשיקה את פתרונות הבינה העסקית שלה.  .  Id like to encourage you to propose a session about a...
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