Creating and Using Oracle-Based Report Models


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You can generate report models based on an Oracle database running version or later by using Model Designer, Report Manager, or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 when running in SharePoint integrated mode.

To generate models based on Oracle databases, you must be running an Oracle client version or later. The Oracle client directory must be located in the system path and both the Report Server Windows service and Report Server Web service must have permissions to access the files in this directory.

In addition, verify:

  • The Reporting Services Oracle data processing extension is available in your Reporting Services installation.
  • The Oracle client is installed in a folder that can be accessed by the Report Server Windows service and the Report Server Web service.
  • The Report Server Windows service, Report Server Web service, and unattended execution accounts must all have Read and Execute directory access to the Oracle client installation.

When building a report model based on an Oracle database, your connection string appears similar to the following:

Data Source="Oracle9";Unicode="True" where "Oracle9" represents the logical name of the Oracle server.

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