Analysis Services Processing Options- glossary


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Processing Options


Applied To






Process Default

Performs the minimum number of tasks required to fully initialize the object,server converts this option to one of other options based on the object state

All objects

Process Full

Drops the object stores and rebuild the objects ,metadata changes ,such as adding new attribute to a dimension,requires Full Process

All objects

Process Update

Applies member inserts,deletes, and update without invalidating the affected cubes.


Process Add

Add only New data


Process Data

Loads the objects with data without building indexes and aggregations

Dimensions,Cubes,Measure Group,Partition

Process Index

Retains data and builds only indexes and aggregations

Dimensions,Cubes,Measure Group,Partition


Deletes the object data or The data in the containing objects

All Objects

Process Structure

Deletes the Partition data and applies process default to the cube dimensions



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