Creating and Using Oracle-Based Report Models


You can generate report models based on an Oracle database running version or later by using Model Designer, Report Manager, or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 when running in SharePoint integrated mode. To generate models based on Oracle databases, you must be running an Oracle client version or later. The Oracle client directory must be located in the system path and both the Report Server Windows service and Report Server Web service must have permissions to access the files in this directory. In addition, verify: The Reporting Services Oracle data processing extension is available in...
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Special Licensing Considerations


Multicore processors, which consist of multiple processing execution units or "cores" on one chip, promise to boost computing power, allowing servers, workstations, and PCs to perform more functions simultaneously.  Because most server-side software is licensed "per processor," it has caused confusion among some software vendors regarding whether to charge their customers "per processor" or "per core." find more at it is about SQL 2005 but relevant for 2008 as well. further more, to Compare Editions–Enterprise and Standard folow this link Bye, Ronen
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SQL Server 2008 SP1 is released

As most of you might have already heard, SQL Server 2008 SP1 is out and can be downloaded from the Microsoft site. The build number is 2531 (so the complete version number is now 10.0.2531.0). Among the bug fixes and improvements (all listed in KB 968369) you will also find the Click-Once version of the Report Builder (being a stand-alone application in the RTM release), so it's easier to deploy the Report Builder now. After the installation you will find the button for launching the Report Builder just where it was in SQL Server 2005. Bye, Ronen
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Analysis Services Processing Options- glossary


Processing Options Description Applied To           Process Default Performs the minimum number of tasks required to fully initialize the object,server converts this option to one of other options based on the object state All objects Process Full Drops the object stores and rebuild the objects ,metadata changes ,such as adding new attribute to a dimension,requires Full Process All objects Process Update Applies member inserts,deletes, and update without invalidating the affected cubes. Dimensions ...
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The ascmd command-line utility ( ascmd.exe )


The ascmd command-line utility enables a database administrator to execute an XMLA script, Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) query, or Data Mining Extensions (DMX) statement against an instance of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. This command-line utility contains functionality for Analysis Services that resembles the sqlcmd utility included with SQL Server. For more information, see the topic sqlcmd Utility in SQL Server. The execution results of the script, query, or statement can be stored in a file together with relevant SQL Server Profiler trace information. What can you do with it? Backing up a database in an UnTrusted domain ...
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