Report Builder 2.0 as an end user ADHOC application


The final version of RB 2.0 does support report models as a data source.  In the Data Source properties dialog there is an option to connect a shared data source or report model.  In pr-release versions of RB2.0 this functionality had not been added yet, but the release versions does support this. so... how to do it? there are 4 steps 1.Select new data source from the MODEL  folder the relevant model. to add new dataset, and then click the query designer button .   4.Drug and Drop the fields you want...
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Data sources in report builder 2.0


Hi everyone, The post will focus on how to use data sources in Report builder 2.0 of Reporting services 2008. · Best practice- use shared data sources: A shared data source is defined on a report server and your report includes a reference to it. Typically, a shared data source includes credentials that are saved on the report server. You do not need to specify credentials for shared data sources and you cannot change them. You can only preview reports with shared data sources when you have a valid connection to the...
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