SSAS 2008 Aggregation Manager


At TechEd2008 at EILAT I was talking about SSAS2008 new feature. Well, one of them is the aggregation manager which is EMBEDDED in the visual studio. Those of you, who used it at the 2K5 version, had to download the N+BIDS HELPER from CODEPLEX and install it ... it was not so easy to install extension on the PRODUCTION machine, although it was quite good. Well 2K8 has it inside, with much more new feature. Such us union the aggregation you manually made with the usage based optimization. If you ask: "hey, what about remove duplicate?" well the application...
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Running SSIS on 64 BIT ITANIUM and read from ORACLE

Hi ALL, Those of you who has no other choice but running SSIS on 64 BIT ITANIUM which is not so nice..., should try this settings: 1. Install ORACLE (64-bit) for Windows x64. (latest patch) 2. Define at the environment variable the path to ORACLE HOME . 3. If you had scripts written on 32BIT , you have to compile them on 64 bit, a typical workaround is to open them and define recompile=true on the target machine. 4. If the source table has a Numeric or Currency data type, try to transform them into string and then to the MSSQL correct data...
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