Hit The Road Jack…

23 באוגוסט 2010

Well, its time to go on a new road again, after two fulfilling years at Sela I've joined up with some very talented people to fund a new road in our own new company - CodeValue. We are planning to focus on new interesting products in the cloud and mobile areas. Also since we don't wish to be like a startup craving for money, we will continue to provide quality service in consulting, development and projects outsourcing. We have an excellent group of people at CodeValue which can do just about everything you can imagine. Among them you'll find Alon Fliess, Shay Friedman, Josh Reuven, Ariel Ben-Horesh, Eran Stiller, Amir Zucker, Eli Arbel, and...
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WCF 4.0 Routing with WAS

12 בינואר 2010

A few days ago I wanted to build a simple message broker so I’ve decided to tryout the new routing feature WCF 4.0 is offering. When doing so I’ve encountered two problems: The first problem was that I needed to figure out a way on how to do the routing when hosting the services under WAS (Windows Process Activation Service) since I’ve been using netTcpBinding for my services. And the second problem was how to do XPath Message Filtering on a service operation parameters (not a Data Contract). I’ve googled a bit on WCF 4.0 Routing but I didn’t find...
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26 בדצמבר 2009

Just a reminder for the Sela Developer Practice Conference, on the 28th we're having a whole day on ORM: We'll (Erez Harari, Ido Flatow, Gil Fink and myself) be presenting the following sessions: Part 1 – ORM and Entity Framework Part 2 – Comparing ORMs Part 3 – Entity Framework Deep Dive Part 4 – Real World Data Access with ORM Part 5 – Best Practices – Experts Panel Also I’m glad to say that Oren Eini has accepted my invitation to join our Experts Panel (everyone else but me are all about EF 4.0 so I need some reinforcement on the NHibernate...
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Real World Data Access with ORM at the upcoming SDP

16 בדצמבר 2009

Erez and I are going to give a P&P (Patterns and Practices) Lecture at the upcoming Sela SDP on the 28th of December. ORM’s are great tools and they can give you a lot of value in your apps. But and there is a but, when mistreated they will just complicate things for you. We are going to talk about some of the patterns that ORM’s are built upon and other patterns complementing the use of ORM’s. And last but not least, a lot of Real World Code Examples and Demo’s(Yes, we are going to show code – so beware)...
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A Quest With EF 4.0 (Entity Framework) And NHibernate Part 2

14 ביוני 2009

Usually I don’t really like generated stuff, somehow it seems like I always reach a certain point where I start cursing the $#$%@! wretched generator. So this post will be all about POCO (Plain Old CLR Objects) using just objects. This time I’ll start from the NHibernate Perspective. Lets consider the following Model (Continuing from my previous post):   It was quite easy to do even with NHibernate – just write a bunch of classes like:public class User { private IList<Category> _categories = new List<Category>(); public virtual string Username { get; set; } public virtual string Password { get;...
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A Quest With EF 4.0 (Entity Framework) And NHibernate Part 1

9 ביוני 2009

I’ve been using ORM for some time now, and I have quite an acquaintance with NHibernate from its first days, thanks to Oren Eini AKA Ayende. For the last few months with the upcoming buzz on VS 2010 and .Net Framework 4.0 I had a some discussions with colleagues of mine regarding what would be the best choice for an ORM tool should we use a well known and mature solution like NHibernate or should we follow the crowd on the Microsoft path? Personally I think that this kind of questions are a bit like religious questions when you...
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Host your own WPF Designer

7 בדצמבר 2008

Last week I had to find a WPF Designer which can be hosted in a .Net application, the result of my brief research was Aurora XAML Designer. As far as I sow it isn't possible to host cider (VS WPF Designer) in your own application so lucky for me I found a reasonably good alternative in Aurora XAML Designer. I've contacted Patrick from Mobiform and he was kind to send me a Trail Version for me to test. The result looks quite promising when I was able to easily take control of different parts of the designer such as manipulate...
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Extending your C# application with IronPython

4 בדצמבר 2008

Recently I’ve started messing around with IronPython; IronPython is the first language of a set of languages that rely on the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime), the DLR is a hosting platform and a dynamic type system, capable of running dynamic languages on top of the CLR. I really like the concept of a dynamic language, although it isn’t such a new concepts, I think it will be revived and gain more audience with the upcoming .Net Framework 4.0. One very useful thing you can do with IronPython (or any other language on top of the DLR) is to use...
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