Windows 7 & Network Loopback Adapter Settings

9 ביולי 2009

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If you are running virtual machine on windows virtual PC and you want to connect

the host to the guest, for example: your virtual machine hosts TFS server and you

want your VS on the host to connect to it. You can use Microsoft loopback adapter to

create virtual network that connects the computers.

Here is great post (A lot of pictures :-)) how to install it on windows 7.

In virtual machine settings choose the loopback as the network adapter.


configure the network adapter on the host and on the guest to use virtual IP in the same

range ( & worked for me). Now they should connect each other.

Pinging from host to guest worked but pinging back from guest to the host returned 

time out. After searching I found the problem is that  Windows 7 declares this network

connection as undefined public network and blocks connections from it, but there is no

way to change it to home or work network because this option is unavailable 🙁


After spending a lot of time I found this great post that describes the same problem

on vista and a way to solve it: set your loopback adapter connection (host) default

gateway to the IP of the virtual machine then the network will be defined and you can

change it to home or work .


Plus another bonus that you can change its name to meaningful name…

Worked for me !

Thanks Lambros.

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2 תגובות

  1. Xcalibur21 באפריל 2010 ב 22:11

    For the benefit of others in the future, I wouldnt recommend setting the gateway to the Virtual Machine – it can have other side effects and doesnt work in all situations. A better approach is to use the documented, though well hidden flag that tells Windows to treat a network adapter specially so that it doesnt try to identify the network on the loopback adapter.

    I have written a comprehensive step-by-step on how to do so and setup Windows 7 and Virtual PC here:

  2. Florin26 ביוני 2010 ב 11:13

    hy guys i got an problem whit loopback adaptor [ i use it for n game Wc3 Ghost one ] becouse i got routher but the same my ip wasnt manage to be found , and it dont work for any sugestions please contact me at my yahoo ID, I hope from some helps