Free Datasets, Data Warehouse and OLAP Databases for your use

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Whether you're doing demos, trying different aspects of applications or just looking for something new, you may want to have a broad and free selection of data to choose from. This post is here to help you out on that.I've collected a number of free data source for you to use: From the PowerPivot blog:Data on the District of Columbia From Andrew Fryer's blog:Data from the UK Government: Datasets for neighborhoods in the UK (with Geospatial data) From Chris Webb's blog:The Guardian Data StoreData from the Greater London Authority Also, following a post from Mr. Webb...

Adventure Works Samples

Monday, November 12, 2007

Just in case you were also looking for the SQL Server 2005 Sample Database, then you should know Microsoft has chosen to move it to the CodePlex site. SQL Server 2008 July 2007 CTP Samples are also available on the same site. I recommend downloading the versions which are marked in the end with CI as they enable a Case Insensitive search within them. The LT version is also CI. I really love the way Adventure Works gives you an entire look on the abilities of SQL Server.