Report fields not showing correctly in Report Server

Sunday, December 8, 2013

I’ve created a report quite a while back ago in SSRS for my client and deployed it to the report server. He used the report regularly (and I should know as much because I got requests for changes). Suddenly one day he sends me an email with a screen shot of the report with one of the fields showing a complete blank. I couldn’t understand why. I looked the report up in BIDS and the fields showed correctly. Looking at report on the server still showed me the field as blank. I was completely baffled. I decided to delete...
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Report Builder 2.0 RC1

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My favorite "toy" in SQL Server 2008 just got a brand new spanking release! Report Builder 2.0 just went RC1 after it didn't appear in the feature pack of SQL Server 2008 RTM. When I tried it out first, as a Report Designer Preview in CTP6, I loved it so much that I even decided to make a webcast out of it (both in Hebrew and in English).  Later, I found out this would become the "next generation" of Report Builder. When I downloaded the feature pack that came with SQL Server 2008 RC0 I admit I was a...

Webcast: צעדים ראשונים ב Reporting Services 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Webcast: צעדים ראשונים ב Reporting Services 2008 אני חושבת שהבאזז סביב SQL Server 2008 כבר הדליק את כולנו. אני החלטתי להתחיל ולבדוק את מה שקיים כבר במערכת ודבר ראשון, החלטתי להתחיל עם Reporting Services 2008. ב Webcast הזה, אני אראה איך בונים דוח בסיסי עם הממשק החדש. View Video קובץ ה WMV להורדה לינקים מהסרטון: לאתר Reporting Services 2008 כאן לפורום של MSDN ישראל לשאלות ותשובות בנושא SQL Server כאן להורדת דוגמאות ל Reporting Services 2008 כאן להורדת הסקריפט בו אני משתמשת בסרטון כאן

Webcast: First Steps in Reporting Services 2008 [EN]

Webcast: First Steps in Reporting Services 2008 I think the buzz around SQL Server 2008 has got us all interested in learning more about the product and what it has to offer. I personnaly, decided to learn first more about Reporting Services 2008. In this webcast, I'll show you how to work with the new interface and build a basic report. View Video To download the WMV file The links mentioned in the webcast are: The Reporting Services 2008 Site here The MSDN Forum for Q&A on Reporting Services 2008 here Samples for Reporting Services 2008 here To download the script I...

Updating your Report Model

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I know I had written of the simplicity and ease of creating a report model based on a cube, but I too would have to admit that even a good thing can be made better. Just in case you hadn't noticed, when you enter the report site you can manage your models. If you can't see the "Models" folder, simply click the "Show details" and you'll see it. Select the folder and click on the name of your model or on the "edit" icon next to it. You now have a chance to "Edit" or "Update" your...

Creating a Report Model based on an Analysis Cube

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Well I guess congratulations are in order because I finally got around to using a report builder in my project. Turns out that building a report model based on a cube is as easy as 1-2-3. Still I had a problem, as for some unknown reason the translations were showing for my dimension names and my measures, but not for the dimension's attributes... At first I thought maybe this is a problem solved by Service Pack 2 (as my tests were done on a Server with Service Pack 1). Alas, no. So, a further look in the MSDN library,...

Looking at your Report on the Report Server

Friday, November 9, 2007

Continuing my theme of looking at things in the appropriate place, I thought I'd add another story. I was just building a report in Reporting Service, and defined the TextAlign property of the line to be "right". For some reason, when I previewed the report in the Visual Studio on my pc, in some cells the alignment was left and in some it was right. I found in a few occasions, that when it comes to viewing your report in SSRS, you should define all of your needs in the report and then deploy it to the server. It's...