Different steps in BI projects

Monday, June 16, 2014

A project I just did for the municipality’s Sanitation Department made us rethink the different steps in BI projects in our team. Up till now, we would first have meetings with the customer and the operational system developer to learn what the client wants and what are the corresponding tables in the system.  We would then sit and write two documents – one for the customer detailing what we’re about to give him, and one for the BI developer detailing which tables should be extracted and how they should be manipulated. The client would have to wait two months (at...
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SSAS Back Engine and Named Queries in the DSV

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hi everybody,   What’s up? Thought I’d share with you something strange I found while using named queries in the DSV layer in SQL Server Analysis Services. I have developed quite a complex layer of connected tables in my DSV. As development had evolved (with the customers demand) I found myself turning 3 of my regular tables into named queries. The named queries were basically using the same table twice in an inner join to compare the state of the entity in two different times in the table. After this change, my process time for the cube and the dimensions grew from about...