Fifth Anniversary

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dear blog, it’s been five years. If to be more exact, it’s been five years on May 15th. And I did remember the anniversary. But I didn’t know what I had to say. I wanted to tell you something meaningful. Make it special. And I didn’t know what I had to say or do that would be anything like that.   I thought to myself I’d do something with the number five in it. Found nothing that felt like it could be good enough. So I thought of something different. My favorite song from David Bowie is Thursday’s Child. And...

Four More Years! (And then some more please)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Me and the blog, we're celebrating 4 years together. It's been quite a hectic year for me personally, but the blog was there all along. It was being it's old supportive, giving and stable self all along. And I love it for it. Still, I thought this would make for a good chance for us to get to know you! I remember seeing (and loving) this post from Adam Machanic and thinking - he hit the nail straight on the head. Whether you're new here, just popped by for a visit or have been a long time reader, I'd love...

Tech – Ed 2010 in Eilat, are you ready?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well actually, I'm sure Tech Ed is ready. After all, they've been working on it in Microsoft Israel for so long... :) I opened my email one day, about a week ago, and looked at a few mails. Going back into the inbox, I saw it. I couldn't help but let out a little yell. "What happened?" my boss turned to me, (I guess it was a little yell, though strong enough to hear). With my hand still over my mouth, all I could do was point at my PC screen. He came over to look at the title of...

It’s a love thing…

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's been three years that me and the blog have been together (truthfully, the date was on the 15th, and I didn't forget honey, I was just really busy with work, so you understand now don't you?... Ok, I'll get you flowers :)) I have to admit that looking back at older posts is sorta weird, cause I think my own voice in my writing has changed since then. But then again, I guess you never stop changing your own voice in your writing, just as you never stop changing yourself.I also really learned to appreciate the blog more, as...
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Women Think Next 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I had the great pleasure of being invited from the Microsoft Blog Platform to the Women Think Next 2010 event that was held today.I have to admit, when I first heard of the event I couldn't help but think to myself - why do I as a woman need an event focused on women? Am I really interested in "special treatment"? Isn't equality (also in events) the best?So I did go feeling somewhat skeptic. But the event itself was quite thought provoking and so I'm very happy it was held and even more so that I was invited and...

2 Years of Blogging

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My blog is 2 years old. Yeah, I know! He's already started walking and talking a bit. It's so strange to see him grow...Still, I admit that coming to write this post, I couldn't help but think to myself that this time around I don't want to talk about my blog, even though it is his birthday (please forgive me blog). Instead, I'd like to talk about the man who made me start all of this (and a lot of other things as well) - my big brother, Adlai Maschiach.My brother is 7 years my eldest. Which I guess...

Adopt a friend

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friday, the 29th of November, was No Shopping day in Israel. But I still bought myself something. I bought myself a friend. It has been about half a year since Sheleg died. We moved to a new place, a place where we could take a dog (the previous owner wouldn't allow pets in the house). I admit I had already gotten to the point where I thought about adopting a dog again, but somehow I just didn't go and do it. Something within me hesitated. Lately though, I kept thinking about how I also wanted to feel like I could...
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

I have to admit that when I saw that I was in the home page of Microsoft Israel for the second time, my reaction was quite similar to the previous time… Oh My God!! Ooooooooooh Weeeeeeeeeeeh! (I still have some trouble controlling myself)    To say this is a great honor and I am truly touched would seem like a slight understatement – THANK YOU! I really appreciate it…And now, I will go and bask in my day in the sun… no, actually, I'll try to write another post real soon! :)
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