BI User Group Meeting today in Microsoft Raanana

Monday, July 26, 2010

I understood from a friend that last month people were told in the BI User Group that it would be mostly Q&A for our guests today. I would like to correct that impression as an email from the BIUG mailing list states that the meeting today will be: 17:00 -< 17:30              Networking and welcome17:30 -< 18:45              Eran Megiddo - MS- developing BI @ MS across Office and SQL.                                    Future of BI (Non NDA Issues). 18:45->19:00                break 19:00->20:30                Amir Netz & Ariel Netz -MS  - The Future of SSAS I think it's going be a great session so...
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Data mining in Excel 2007

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mr. Donald Farmer gave a lecture yesterday, May 31st 2010, at the Israeli BI User Group. This is what I summed up from the session. Predictive AnalyticsA good predictive analytics project would have:Actionable - you get useful information from itInnovative - gives something new, new insight from the modelTrustworthy - the model makes senseSeamless - part of your everyday operations, so that it will get used more easily by the users "All models are wrong, but some are useful" George BoxNo model is perfect, you can't predict everything, but even then the model is useful. Don't expect to build a perfect...

מפגש מעניין ב BI User Group

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

קהילת ה BI כולה בבאז ממפגש ה BI User Group הקרוב. המפגש יהיה ביום שני הקרוב, ה 31 לחודש. אישיות בכירה ממיקרוסופט עומדת להגיע ולהרצות על Data Mining. המפגש הוא ללא עלות.להרשמה ולפרטים נוספים אנא פנו לדף אירוע ה BIUG.
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The Parent Child Dimension – Presentation at the BI User Group

Monday, June 29, 2009

Here is the presentation I gave on the topic of the Parent Child Dimension at the BI User Group meeting. I tried to summarize most of what I could find on the subject and I hope it helped you learn something new about how this sort of design can aid you in your work.You can download the presentation here: The Parent Child Dimension PDF For more details on future meetings and presentations that were already given, please check Ronen Chenn's blog, Yossi Elkayam and Eran Sagi's blog or the Israeli SQL Server site.It was a pleasure seeing you all and I...
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The Parent – Child Dimension in the BI User Group #5 Meeting

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm lecturing at the coming BI User Group meeting on Wednesday, June 24th 2009. My lecture will be on the Parent - Child Dimension: the flexibility in design and the cost in cube performance. I'll be going over the basic Parent- Child Dimension and show how we can gradually enhance it. Mostly, I hope you can learn from the lecture how the Parent - Child Dimension may be relevant to your work. The program for the evening is:17:30 - 17:45  Gathering17:45 - 18:45  Ella maschiach - Analysis services ,The Parent - Child Dimension - best practices.18:45 - 19:15  Q&A19:15 -...

Israel’s BI User Group

Monday, March 23, 2009

רק למקרה ולא שמתם לב, נפתח בישראל Business Intelligence User Group – מקום שיכול להעשיר את כולנו ולעזור לנו ללמוד וללמד זה את זה נושאים ב BI. מעבר לכך, זה גם מקום מצוין להכיר ולשוחח עם עוד אנשים בתחום ואפילו לשמוע הצעות עבודה. אני מאוד מודה ליוסי אלקיים, ערן שגיא ורונן חן שבחרו לקחת על עצמם את האחריות שבהקמת הקבוצה וטיפוחה למען כולנו. אני עצמי הגעתי למפגש הקודם שבו איתי בראון העביר הרצאה מרתקת על Analysis Services Performance and Tuning   והשכלתי רבות. במפגש הקרוב שיתקיים ביום רביעי הקרוב ירצה אביב שטרן על יסודות ה MDX וליאור כהן עמיקם ירצה...
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