Recommended SSAS whitepapers

Monday, January 31, 2011

Vidas Matelis had put out a very good post with a great SSAS Whitepaper list. I strongly recommend you check it out as it summarizes some very important info about Management and Maintenance of SSAS. If you’re intrigued about what SSAS Maestro is, it's a program incorporated from lessons learned at SQLCAT and given by Solid Quality Mentors. The description sounds fascinating! I admit I’m slightly jealous at anyone going, but I believe the information will be gradually available to more and more people. In the meanwhile, go brush up on SSAS management and maintenance through the whitepapers.

SQL Server 2005 Best Practices Analyzer

Sunday, July 15, 2007

About a week a go (I admit I'm only catching up to it now…) Microsoft released the SQL Server 2005 Best Practices Analyzer. The tool analyzes and monitors the SQL Server Profiler files. It uses a predefined list of recommendations to determine if there are potential issues in the database environment. Now if you're like me, then after downloading and installing the tool, you can't help but think to yourself "yeah great, but how do I use it?..." Well all you need to do after that is run the SQL Server Profiler and run the program on the trace...