Different steps in BI projects

June 16, 2014

A project I just did for the municipality’s Sanitation Department made us rethink the different steps in BI projects in our team. Up till now, we would first have meetings with the customer and the operational system developer to learn what the client wants and what are the corresponding tables in the system.  We would then sit and write two documents – one for the customer detailing what we’re about to give him, and one for the BI developer detailing which tables should be extracted and how they should be manipulated. The client would have to wait two months (at...
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Project Passau

June 13, 2014

We just had a Microsoft consultant come in and show us the latest innovation in SQL Server 2014 with Office 365. Though I saw most of it in demos given before, it was still stunning to see the abilities of Office 365 with SQL Server 2014. There was something new to see this time regarding Data Mining and Predictive Analytics in the cloud. This is the first time I saw Project Passau which demonstrated amazing abilities for easily predicting future trends. Microsoft has been offering Data Mining in various ways: through numerous versions of the Data Mining add in...
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