Introduction to DAX basics

January 31, 2012

As SQL Server 2012 and PowerPivot v2 release is getting closer and closer, knowing DAX becomes more of a necessity than a just an option.  Via Kasper de Jonge’s blog I had learned of a nice 30 minutes Introduction to DAX basics. You can download an example workbook and try your hand at creating a measure formula and adding up to adding filter context to your formula. The post also had a ling to the TechNet Wiki page for the DAX Resource Center which has loads of articles, downloads and videos, along with link to other blogs and sites...
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SQL Server 2012 Denali Release Date

January 25, 2012

I was in the BI User Group meeting today (and if you're in Israel, why didn't you come too?) and heard something quite exciting. The speaker was Yossi Elkayam from Microsoft Israel and what he mentioned twice was that the release date for SQL Server 2012 Denali is March 2012. He was saying that while stating next month's meeting will preview the new release scheduled for the month after that. He also mentioned that PowerPivot version 2 will be released in proximity to the release of SQL Server 2012 Denali. This was some really exciting news for me because...