Building Effective data visualizations in Reporting Services 2008 R2

November 29, 2010

This is a live post from the session of Ronen Chen at Tech Ed Israel 2010 .

New to report builder 3.0 – we can be in local mode or server mode. We can check it in relation to performance on the server and save in directly on the server (rather than on my PC).

Zooming and moving my map is only possible during the design of the report. We cannot zoom in on it after running the report. A zoom in is possible through an action in the report which will create the zoom in a new report.

Avoid embedding maps as images in your report as that makes the rendering longer and inefficient.

Use the report gallery to store maps for your clinets to re-use.

Downloads for maps which connect to Reporting Services 2008 R2:
Free shapes files at

New to report builder 3.0 is sparklines and indicators.
Data bars help us understand values for the different members in a group and sparklines can help us understand the trend over time of that member.

Lookup is a new function to report builder 3.0 which enables us to return a single value from a different dataset. We can return a set of values with the function lookupset.

Best practice is to bring everything in one dataset, but these functions enable us to connect several datasets.

In visibility, we can define whether to render an object when we save a report to excel (or any other file).

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