Advanced Dashboard Creation with SharePoint 2010

November 29, 2010

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This is a live post from the session of Asaf Bar and Erez Avital at Tech Ed Israel 2010 .

SharePoint 2010 enables us getting a BI solution with a workflow, social computing and an office integrated solution.

Tools for BI in SharePoint 2010:
PerformancePoint (is the main tool for BI in SharePoint)
Excel Services
Visio Services
SQL Reporting Services

We can use Lync to connect to the employees in the workplace directly from the SharePoint Dashboard.

We can add a comment to the values in the scorecard to communicate with each other.

Dashboard Designer in SharePoint 2010 opens as a click once application.

We can create different parts for our dashboard and collect them together in a specific folder (which we define in the property of the part).

We can connect several data sources in our dashboard using a shared dimension to both cubes (assuming we are using cubes). We also need to remember to connect the time intelligence to both sources.

We can also re-use parts from other dashboard if they also use the same cube.

We can define in the active directory that a certain person is connected to a certain product. We can then create a SharePoint list which gets its data from the active directory. We can then connect that as well to our analytical grid for sales of that product. Then, if we see something for the sales of the product we’d like to investigate further, we can connect directly the responsible employee.

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