BI User Group Meeting today in Microsoft Raanana

July 26, 2010

I understood from a friend that last month people were told in the BI User Group that it would be mostly Q&A for our guests today. I would like to correct that impression as an email from the BIUG mailing list states that the meeting today will be: 17:00 -< 17:30              Networking and welcome17:30 -< 18:45              Eran Megiddo - MS- developing BI @ MS across Office and SQL.                                    Future of BI (Non NDA Issues). 18:45->19:00                break 19:00->20:30                Amir Netz & Ariel Netz -MS  - The Future of SSAS I think it's going be a great session so...
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Dividing by zero when creating a fraction as a calculated field

July 1, 2010

I found myself recently trying to remember how a formula I wrote a few months ago in Report Builder. Doing the same thing twice, made me think I should put it on the blog, so that next time I won't need to remember it...A user complained a report in report builder didn't run for her, as she divided two measures and the report would error when the denominator would equal zero. The error message she got was: Semantic query execution failed. Divide by zero error encountered. ---------------------------- Cannot read the next data row for the data set dataSet. ---------------------------- An error has occurred during report...