BI capabilities in Office 2010 – SharePoint, Excel and Project

May 12, 2010

Office 2010 RTM – ed on the end of April. You probably heard already about PowerPivot and Excel 2010. And of course there’s also SharePoint 2010 which has Excel Services, Visio Services, Access Services, PerformancePoint Services and PowerPivot integration.
Still, that doesn’t make for the entire BI scope in Office 2010. I have just recently learned that there are BI capabilities in Project Server 2010.

Going deeper I have learned that there were already such capabilities in Project Server 2007 which integrated with PerformancePoint Services 2007… still, never too late to learn something new 🙂
Project 2010 has multiple OLAP Database support as well as Reporting Services and Excel reports. Putting it all together on the Project Web Access, you can get a pretty impressive dashboard on how work is progressing in the different projects in your company. You can monitor money spent on the work done, create KPIs and use data bars and sparklines to further enhance visualization in your reports on your different organizational projects. MSProject sure came a long way since the 2003 version I’m currently using…

You can read more about BI in Project 2010 and also see the different Services that work together in SharePoint 2010. For an even broader view, you can join the Office 2010 virtual launch event taking place today (May 12th 2010). Recordings will also be available for some of the sessions in the event.
I think Microsoft is really making big steps in turning the slogan of “BI for the masses” into a reality.

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