Microsoft All UP BI Demo version 9.2

March 25, 2010

I knew from Russell Christopher’s blog that Microsoft All UP BI Demo version 9.2 was released to partners, but as I’m not a registered partner, that didn’t help me much…

So I was delighted to discover today from the RDA blog that “Microsoft has configured a remote server for general public to get hands on experience with this new BI version 9.2 solution” – so yes, you can take that baby off for a spin!
You need to register to the site first, run a .exe to enable the ActiveX to run from that site and download the demo script. After that, you can run the All UP BI Demo 9.2 . The VPC includes SharePoint 2010, SQL Server 2008 R2 DB Engine, PowerPivot and Report Builder 3.0 to name just a few highlights. Enjoy!

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  1. Dan EnglishMarch 25, 2010 ב 20:19

    You must have missed my tweet last month and/or blog posting – Microsoft All-up BI Demo Release 9 (!CD3E77E793DF6178!2523.entry). Oh well, you got it now and that is what is important:) Enjoy!

  2. Ella MaschiachMarch 26, 2010 ב 11:25

    Sorry Dan, you’re absolutely right!…


  3. TomJanuary 3, 2012 ב 14:53

    Does not work anymore – do you know current URL?

  4. Ella MaschiachJanuary 4, 2012 ב 9:55

    Hi Tom,

    I saw that there’s already a 9.5 version that is more up to date. Try it here:

    Under the Catalog tab.

    All the best,