Free Datasets, Data Warehouse and OLAP Databases for your use

February 10, 2010

Whether you’re doing demos, trying different aspects of applications or just looking for something new, you may want to have a broad and free selection of data to choose from. This post is here to help you out on that.
I’ve collected a number of free data source for you to use:

From the PowerPivot blog:
Data on the District of Columbia

From Andrew Fryer‘s blog:
Data from the UK Government:
Datasets for neighborhoods in the UK (with Geospatial data)

From Chris Webb‘s blog:
The Guardian Data Store
Data from the Greater London Authority

Also, following a post from Mr. Webb on the Dallas Project, I made a post detailing the use of Dallas in SSRS via an Excel spreadsheet. There is also a post from Mr. Webb on connecting to Dallas through Excel well worth checking out.
The data from Dallas includes datasets from NASA, Associated Press and more all for free (for the time of writing). Dallas requires you sign up for it.

From Russell Christopher‘s blog:
The new large DW and OLAP sample databases of Contoso for SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2.

And obviously there’s the old trusted Adventure Works DW and OLAP sample databases for SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Azure.

Once you have downloaded the data, you can use it in the appropriate server platform and also use it in PowerPivot.
I will keep updating this post so tag it for future use!
Start querying your new free data to find something interesting.

Update 14th of February 2010: if you’re interested in a free data source in Dutch based on a SSAS 2005 cube and presented in Panorama, then you can look up:

Which shows data about vacancies and job seekers. Obviously, you can also look at it also to get an idea about styling your Panorama report. Thank you Marco for your update!

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