Panorama – Adding a User’s Private View to the Web Briefing Book

July 15, 2009

A user of one of my projects had developed a very nice view in Panorama Nova View 5.5 and we decided to integrate it into the views for all the users. So how do we take a view that was saved in a personal book of a user and add it to the general book in Panorama?Well, first of all you take the user ID. Let's say it's "x123". You go to the Panorama Server and go to Program Files > Panorama > E - BI > Users > x123 > Private Book. You actually went to the physical...
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You can see your Dimensions but not your Measure Groups

July 12, 2009

A colleague of mine ran into a peculiar problem with her cube. She deployed it just fine and didn't get any error messages. Still, there was a problem. She could see the dimensions in her SSAS project just fine. She could see her cube as well. But she couldn't see any of her measure cubes.So what was the problem? She was missing the calculate statement from her cube. If you look in the BIDS at your cube on the Calculations tab with a Script View, you'll be able to see that the first row in there is "Calculate;" The calculate...
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