The Parent Child Dimension – Presentation at the BI User Group

June 29, 2009

Here is the presentation I gave on the topic of the Parent Child Dimension at the BI User Group meeting. I tried to summarize most of what I could find on the subject and I hope it helped you learn something new about how this sort of design can aid you in your work.You can download the presentation here: The Parent Child Dimension PDF For more details on future meetings and presentations that were already given, please check Ronen Chenn's blog, Yossi Elkayam and Eran Sagi's blog or the Israeli SQL Server site.It was a pleasure seeing you all and I...
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The Parent – Child Dimension in the BI User Group #5 Meeting

June 21, 2009

I'm lecturing at the coming BI User Group meeting on Wednesday, June 24th 2009. My lecture will be on the Parent - Child Dimension: the flexibility in design and the cost in cube performance. I'll be going over the basic Parent- Child Dimension and show how we can gradually enhance it. Mostly, I hope you can learn from the lecture how the Parent - Child Dimension may be relevant to your work. The program for the evening is:17:30 - 17:45  Gathering17:45 - 18:45  Ella maschiach - Analysis services ,The Parent - Child Dimension - best practices.18:45 - 19:15  Q&A19:15 -...

2 Years of Blogging

June 4, 2009

My blog is 2 years old. Yeah, I know! He's already started walking and talking a bit. It's so strange to see him grow...Still, I admit that coming to write this post, I couldn't help but think to myself that this time around I don't want to talk about my blog, even though it is his birthday (please forgive me blog). Instead, I'd like to talk about the man who made me start all of this (and a lot of other things as well) - my big brother, Adlai Maschiach.My brother is 7 years my eldest. Which I guess...