More News on SQL Server 2010 Madison

May 12, 2009

You know how they say “time just flies by you”? I think the year 2010 is coming quicker than I thought, and with it the new SQL Server 2010, code named Madison. Microsoft has announced that it is planning a Technology Preview for Madison in early July, so if you have a petabyte size DW then you might be one of the lucky customers invited to take project Madison for a test drive.
Other announcements (coinciding with TechEd 2009), are of new features available in SQL Server 2008 R2 such as Master Data Services which should serving as a central place to manage master data. Making some more noise is project Gemini, after Donald Farmer and Kamal Hathi demonstrated additional capabilities.

I’m sure that before TechEd 2009 ends (May 15th), we’ll hear of some more exciting news.

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  1. AminMay 15, 2009 ב 9:08

    Hi Ella,

    The IT growing too fast, and there is no time to put learning away 😉
    Thank you for the post.

    Best wishes,

  2. Ella MaschiachMay 15, 2009 ב 10:08

    Hi Amin,

    Great to see you popped in for a visit 🙂

    All the best,