Recursive Sum for a Group in a Matrix in SSRS

April 22, 2009

Recursive Sum for a Group in a Matrix in SSRSI wrote a post not too long ago about creating Sum for a Group with Recursion in SSRS. A reader of that post dropped me a line as she was having trouble recreating the same behavior in a matrix (the post itself had demonstrations in it only for a table). So I decided to look into how a recursive sum acts in a matrix, and boy what a learning experience that turned out to be...I created a report with a matrix which connected to Adventure Works DW. I defined the...

Panorama unveils Nova View 6 RC1

April 3, 2009

Well I guess this means Panorama wants a bigger piece of the pie. In a very impressive and interesting webcast which was given Tuesday, March 31st, Panorama showcased Nova View 6 RC1. So what are the promises given in the webcast and what was shown? Well for me, the biggest news was that from now on, Panorama Nova View will connect not just to cubes, but also to RDBMS – yes, a relational data source! And, you'll be able to create a dashboard which includes a report on both data sources. This however, was not demonstrated in the webcast...

Free training for SQL Server 2008

Microsoft continues in helping you learn SQL Server 2008, this time in collaboration with AppDev. You can download up to three hours of training. If you haven't used AppDev courses till now then you should know that they really walk you through the subject they're covering, also giving you an exam at the end of each part. It really makes for a great way to learn on whatever it is you're interested in. The courses offered are:  SQL Server 2008 for Developers, SQL Server 2008: Installing, Querying, and Security and Exploring SQL Server 2008. You can also choose to...
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