Filtering on a lookup attribute in Report Model

January 21, 2009

I’ve recently created a Report Model with a Lookup Entity in it. I saw to it that I had only one default detail attribute for it, and I gave that attribute a ValueSelection of list.
When I used the Report Model, I saw the attribute fine (as if it was inside the main Entity) but when I tried to filter on it I saw the Lookup Entity I was trying to hide and a filtered list. I couldn’t understand why that was. I went back to check the attribute. Its ValueSelection was of type list. I went to the role that was created in the main Entity and set it’s ValueSelection to list as well. That also didn’t help. Finally, I went to look at the Lookup Entity that the attribute originated from. It had an InstanceSelection property of filtered list. Changing that to type of list did the trick.

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  1. Alexander KleinwaechterApril 14, 2009 讘 16:18

    Hi Ella,

    I like your Blog, because I stumble over exact the same issues within Reporting Services.

    Now I have a problem with the Lookup Entity when the ID field in the main table is nullable. I can’t filter the records of the main table with NULL values in the ID field when using a parameter in the filter. Do you know an easy solution?

    Best regards
    Alexander Kleinwaechter
    Doctors without Borders

  2. Ella MaschiachApril 15, 2009 讘 19:17

    Hi Alexander,

    I admit I haven’t tried to re-create your problem. Instead, I’d like to offer another approach. In my tables, if I need a fictitious ID for an entity, I usually use ‘-1’ as that would never be an Identity Number for a worker (for instance). Perhaps it’d be possible to update the table accordingly? I’m sure Report Builder wouldn’t have a problem with that sort of value.

    Hope that helps,

  3. Alexander KleinwaechterApril 29, 2009 讘 14:54

    That does the trick! Thanks a lot!