Impact SQL Server 2010 Kilimanjaro

December 21, 2008

Do you want to influence how SQL Server 2010 Kilimanjaro will look like? Do you submit issues to Microsoft Connect? Well this is the post for you…

When I first saw Anthony Carrabino‘s post about a free hosted SQL Server 2008 offer I thought to myself that maybe I shouldn’t have bothered putting up a virtual machine with SQL Server 2008 on it, when Microsoft is already offering me one all ready and for free… but that’s not the exact case.
Reading the page for the free SQL Server 2008 hosted account, one of the first things mentioned is actually Kilimanjaro – SQL Server 2010. And I admit I still didn’t see the connection till I went to sign up and then saw that:

The Private CTP will run for 4-5 weeks. Each week, participants are sent a set of instructions to perform within the hosted virtual machine (VM) and are requested to provide feedback via an online survey.”

So first of all, you have a chance to impact the design of SQL Server 2010 Kilimanjaro with your feedback.
Secondly, if a CTP running on SQL Server 2008 will influence how SQL Server 2010 Kilimanjaro will look like, then maybe we can assume that SQL Server 2010 will be based on SQL Server 2008 (as SQL Server 2008 was to SQL Server 2005) rather than a complete change of concept (as SQL Server 2005 was to SQL Server 2000). 
The free SQL Server 2008 hosted account supports: Hyper-V image, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Integration Services and Full System admin rights

Registration for the free SQL Server 2008 hosted account is open till the 31st of December 2008 so you had better hurry if you’re interested.

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  1. Anthony CarrabinoDecember 21, 2008 ב 19:35

    Hi Ella, thanks for posting this more detailed follow up.

    Anthony Carrabino

  2. AminDecember 22, 2008 ב 18:29

    Hi Ella,

    Thanks for the notification,

    Best wishes,

  3. PedroCGDDecember 24, 2008 ב 3:30

    Hi Ella!!
    Thanks for the news!!
    I’m registered right now! and you?!

  4. RaymonJanuary 14, 2009 ב 20:28

    I’m curious about your comments on setting up SQL Server 2008 on a virtual machine. Did you do that on VM2007?

  5. Ella MaschiachJanuary 15, 2009 ב 9:50

    Hi Raymon,

    Yes, I did do it on VM2007.