Impact SQL Server 2010 Kilimanjaro

December 21, 2008

Do you want to influence how SQL Server 2010 Kilimanjaro will look like? Do you submit issues to Microsoft Connect? Well this is the post for you... When I first saw Anthony Carrabino's post about a free hosted SQL Server 2008 offer I thought to myself that maybe I shouldn't have bothered putting up a virtual machine with SQL Server 2008 on it, when Microsoft is already offering me one all ready and for free... but that's not the exact case. Reading the page for the free SQL Server 2008 hosted account, one of the first things mentioned is actually...

Great Training and a Free Copy of SQL Server 2008

December 18, 2008

Did you ever have a problem where you went to a course, studied something, but then didn't use it, so you ended up forgetting what you've learned?... Well Microsoft is going to see to it that it won't happen when you study SQL Server 2008. So, if you're interested in taking a course about the different parts of SQL Server 2008 (be it maintaining a DB, SSAS 2008, SSRS 2008 etc.), then you'll also get a fully licensed copy of SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition with one client access license. If you're interested in using the offer (which is...


I have to admit that when I saw that I was in the home page of Microsoft Israel for the second time, my reaction was quite similar to the previous time… Oh My God!! Ooooooooooh Weeeeeeeeeeeh! (I still have some trouble controlling myself)    To say this is a great honor and I am truly touched would seem like a slight understatement – THANK YOU! I really appreciate it…And now, I will go and bask in my day in the sun… no, actually, I'll try to write another post real soon! :)
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Developer Academy 3

December 16, 2008

טוב, אז גם היה לי הכבוד והעונג להיות מוזמנת לכנס ה Developer Academy 3 על ידי מיקרוסופט (תודה מיכל!) והייתי שמחה לסכם לכם כמה מההרצאות שהייתי בהן: Leverage SQL Server 2008 in Your .Net Code with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 עם דיויד סקסטין. אני קראתי את הבלוג של דיויד וממש נהניתי אז קפצתי להרצאה הזו. הוא הציג בפנינו מספר נושאים חשובים לפיתוח שהופיעו ב SQL Server 2008 כגון: Table Valued Parameters, Filestream, Merge ועוד. כמי שמכורה לנושא SQL Server 2008 היה נחמד לשמוע איך יהיה שימוש בחידושים שהגיעו מחוץ לעולם הקוביות. הרצאה הבאה היתה של מאור דוד Professional Developer Tools...
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SQL Server 2005 SP3

Wow, it's here! After the phase of SQL Server 2005 SP3 beta has ended, Microsoft has announced that SQL Server 2005 SP3 is available for download. SQL Server 2005 SP3 includes all cumulative updates up until and including Cumulative Update 9. Though it has just been released, there is already a Knowledge Base article about customizing the TokenAndPermUserStore cache store in SQL Server 2005 SP3 Still, if you have installed SQL Server 2005 Cumulative Update 9 or SQL Server 2005 Cumulative Update 10, then you may have encountered an error message such as "Unexpected Error Occurred" which was already...

Creating Sum for a Group with Recursion in SSRS

December 1, 2008

Creating Sum for a Group with Recursion in SSRS  Sum with scope A colleague of mine from work was creating a report with Reporting Services 2005. He had a matrix report like the following:    Year Total Total Sales Per Year % of Sales from the Total Sale Per Status Status     1 Total 2   3He wanted to calculate the percent of total for that year from the total for that row. I remembered from looking at the Sum function in SSRS that it had 3 options – with scope and recursion. So I thought – I should try the scope. And indeed, scope enables you to define a sum...