BI and SQL Server Videos

September 15, 2008


I came across two very interesting web sites lately, both of which are a great source for good webcasts. The first site is Learn Microsoft BI which has all sorts of video on BI projects and how to develop them using SSAS. There has actually just been a first video on PerformancePoint Server as well. The site requires registration, but is well worth it.

The other site is SQL Server Videos which targets more DBAs and developers.

Having done just a few webcasts and knowing how much work goes into it, I am in complete awe of what’s given in both sites. I strongly recommend you check both of them out.  

Update 28/10/08: Microsoft has added videos to its MSDN catalog of Books Online for SQL Server 2008.

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  1. JoaquinOctober 23, 2008 讘 15:58

    Hi there, I downloaded a couple of videos but they done look good the color is green and all colors don’t look right, they are hard to look at… is there a specific application I need to use to see them right? I am using WMP in XP..


  2. Ella MaschiachOctober 24, 2008 讘 2:00

    Hi Joaquin,

    I admit I only saw the ones on “SQL Server Videos” online and the download of the ones from “Learn Microsoft BI” worked fine for me. Perhaps try writing them and asking for their help?

    All the best,

  3. JoaquinOctober 24, 2008 讘 10:04

    Ella, thanks for the feedback! and for having this site, there’s I lot of good info here, which is good for us beginners. I’ve got the videos to work they they are fairly good.

    U have good weekend…


  4. Ella MaschiachOctober 25, 2008 讘 5:19

    Hi Joaquin,

    Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate the feedback! 馃檪

    All the best,

  5. Alexander (sanyaya(a) )November 6, 2008 讘 9:11

    Hello Ella!

    I’m extremely interested in SSRS 2008 because of its rich text capabilities.

    We have documents to be generated with RS that has large static pieces with complicated format.
    As I see it would be too hard and boring job to make it all with old textboxes. (Even impossible to make it accurately)
    “It is sample document that has some text in BOLD and some ITALIC text”.
    So here words “bold” and “itali褋” should be in separate textboxes which is ugly for static text.

    So my question is – is that already released and which components are required to create new rich text reports ? I didn’t get it clearly from the docs.
    Also how easy will be shifting from RS 2005 to RS 2008.

    Thank you in advance,

  6. Ella MaschiachNovember 6, 2008 讘 11:31

    Hi Alex,

    Well SSRS 2008 is already out (along with the rest of SQL Server 2008). As the Data Sheet for Reporting Services 2008 states: “Apply rich formatting to your reports. Use the new richly formatted text capabilities to create text boxes containing mixed styles, paragraphs, and hyperlinks”, (page 2).

    Upgrading from Reporting Services 2005 to 2008 should be quite simple, but if you’d like you can also look at all the details.

    Hope that helped,


  7. Alexander (sanyaya(a) )November 7, 2008 讘 2:55

    Thanks Ella,

    your exact links are very helpful. (As to my mind generally information in MS is spread widely and pointless).

    I got that most painless will be to migrate to RS 2008 cause we have many existing reports and upgrade seems to be too risky.

    Last thing I’m going to clear out is which tool to use to develop reports.

    Recently we used VS 2005, but VS 2008 is helpless here so need to look for BIDS or Report Builder, got to get known with them.

    Thanks again, Alex

  8. PhaniOctober 9, 2009 讘 6:24

    Can you please give me any video which will explain SSRS in Detail.