Report Builder 2.0 RC1

August 26, 2008

My favorite “toy” in SQL Server 2008 just got a brand new spanking release! Report Builder 2.0 just went RC1 after it didn’t appear in the feature pack of SQL Server 2008 RTM. When I tried it out first, as a Report Designer Preview in CTP6, I loved it so much that I even decided to make a webcast out of it (both in Hebrew and in English).  Later, I found out this would become the “next generation” of Report Builder. When I downloaded the feature pack that came with SQL Server 2008 RC0 I admit I was a bit disappointed, as they took out the link directing me to the Data Source definition, and I for one really liked that functionality. But it all seems to have been worth the wait. First of all, they have changed the first screen again and what you see will start you on your way to either a Tablix or a chart (though obviously you can add later one of the other): 


And then you start your way on a wizard, going through from creating the Data Source: 


Creating a query with joins and a start of a parameter with just a few clicks: 


Creating groups with a simple drag and drop: 


And formatting those groups is just as easy: 


After a bit of styling, all that’s left is to run the report: 


If you remember, in Report Builder 2.0 CTP6 you didn’t have a wizard to help you build a query and a parameter so easily. I think I may soon find myself becoming obsolete for quite a few of my users… And that’s not all because you can also open and edit Data Sources and Reports saved on the Report Server.

So, if you’re excited just as much as I am, I strongly recommend you download Report Builder 2.0 in its RC1 version. The final release of Report Builder 2.0 is scheduled for fall of this year, along with the updated feature pack for SQL Server 2008.

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  1. Constantijn EndersSeptember 10, 2008 ב 8:30

    Nice post, but does it still need a report model on a cube ?

  2. Ella MaschiachSeptember 10, 2008 ב 9:36

    Hi Constantijn,

    Well from what I saw, unfortunately enough not much has changed in the work of SSRS 2008 on top of an SSAS cube in comparison to what we saw in SSRS 2005.

  3. HaninSeptember 26, 2008 ב 11:12


    I would like to ask you how can I use in RB 2.0 a shared datasource without prompting the credentials window if the credentials are saved on the report server in Report Server 2008?

    Thanks a lot,

  4. Ella MaschiachSeptember 28, 2008 ב 4:17

    Hi Hanin,

    Well as far as I know, if the definition for your Data Source is that of “Credentials stored securely in the report server” then you shouldn’t get a prompt. Are you sure they aren’t “Credentials supplied by the user running the report”? Each report has properties saved also on the server. Check your report’s properties under its “Data Sources” tab and see if perhaps you defined for it a custom Data Source with credentials required during the run.
    Also, perhaps the credentials are something asked from your IIS just for entering the Reports site or running the report from a URL?

    Hope that helped,