The Lookup Entity and the Friendly Name in the Report Builder

July 15, 2008

Did you, just like me, define a Lookup Entity in your Report Model? And did you, just like me, define friendly names in your Report Model's DSV? If you have, then you may have come across a problem similar to mine… So how did we get there? First and foremost, when you click the relevant tables and columns in your Report Model's DSV, you defined a FriendlyName property for them. That way, when you generate a Report Model based on the DSV with the friendly names, you get the Model with the user – friendly names you defined. In...

Free SQL Server 2008 Book

July 6, 2008

Microsoft is giving you the chance to learn more about SQL Server 2008 with free chapters from Peter DeBetta upcoming book - “Introducing SQL Server 2008”.  Chapter 1 details Policy-based Management and you can view it online. If you'll sign up, then you'll be able to read also about Transact-SQL Enhancement in SQL Server 2008 (which are detailed in the 11th chapter of the book).