We’ve only just begun

May 31, 2008


It’s been a year now that me and my blog have been together. We gave it our first go on May 15th, 2007. And I have to admit it’s been a relationship that had its ups and downs.

At first, I wasn’t completely sure how to write – what tone to use, how to approach a subject. But I guess blogging grows on you, and you grow with it, and I feel more confident now when I open a blank page and start to write. Also, at times, writing can feel like a chore. Because you’re busy, and you have things to do, (but then again, when don’t you?), and you just don’t have the time needed to write a post that you feel would be worthwhile. You’d like something that would represent you and your subject in a serious manner, but you just don’t have the time. On other occasions, you have the time, but you just don’t feel like you have something to say (which is even worse than having something to say, but no time to write it down!). In any case, it makes you feel like your blog is looking back at you with a look that says something between “feed me!” or “you don’t pay attention to me like you used to…” and you’re left torn.

My reasons for writing have also varied over time. At first I would write just so I could remember stuff. But then, I would sometimes write just so I could mark an occasion, or perhaps even just bring a discussion that was going on in my head onto the page. In other times, I wanted to let people out there make a better based decision than I was able to.

The blog has been good to me. It helped me meet new people (something which I love), and at times even feel like I’ve helped (also very gratifying). And even become a member of a new community that has pampered me. What a treat!

So I’d like to thank my blog for giving me all that it has given me, thank my brother for pushing to start with all of this, thank Microsoft Israel for giving me and my blog the time and space to grow, and thank you the reader for joining me here for the journey!

If you have any subjects that interest you that I haven’t covered in this blog, or have covered but you’d like to hear about them more, please drop me a line through the “Contact” button at the top of the page, or put down a comment to this post.

Thank you again,


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  1. עומר ון קלוטןMay 31, 2008 ב 15:46

    It’s great having you here. Keep writing 🙂

  2. RickyJune 1, 2008 ב 5:03

    Hey Ella,it is a great blog-very informative,yet often funny too! Keep going! It almost sounds like your tired and are going announce you are finishing , please don’t !!

  3. AminJune 1, 2008 ב 10:41

    Dear Ella,
    Your post describes a blogger life cycle very well, and I enjoyed reading it.
    I wish you success in all your activities.

  4. Vidas MatelisJune 2, 2008 ב 3:25

    Happy Birthday!

    It is always nice to read your blog.

  5. Ella MaschiachJune 2, 2008 ב 8:44

    Hi everybody,

    Just wanted to say it’s been very heartwarming to see each and every one of you here. Thank you so much for your very kind words!

  6. Miky SchreiberJune 4, 2008 ב 22:56

    Hey Ella,

    Keep writing and feeding your blog.


  7. PedroCGDJune 6, 2008 ב 2:43

    Your post was very original, and you think like me! fantastic… when I was reading your post I was imagining the same with me!!
    Your blog is fantastic, your are very cool, and please, dont stop writing here!!!