Panorama Nova View v5.5 is coming!

April 4, 2008

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In a newsletter I received the other day from Panorama, I read some interesting news. Remember how I told you I was waiting for the .Net version of the Panorama Nova View? Well, I guess I really will have to wait some more…

In their newsletter, Panorama promises to release Nova View version 5.5 What’s new to the product? Better UI and “elements of flash components and more robust dashboarding features.” A check with customer support gave me some more details, the most important of which is that the platform for the new Nova View v5.5 will still be Java. I don’t know if it’s the pressure of time or something else which made someone in Panorama have a change of mind towards a .Net platform for Panorama Nova View (which was code named Sakoya at the time).

I also understood from customer service that the new version is scheduled for June. I’m still waiting quite anxiously to see Panorama Nova View v5.5 and check all its new enhancements.

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one comment

  1. PedroCGDApril 7, 2008 ב 17:17

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