Panorama partners with Google

March 23, 2008

Well I’m waiting for the .Net version of Panorama Nova View. But I guess I can see there are more important people in line… Today I found myself reading in the news that Panorama has joined forces with Google Apps to give the Pivot Table and Pivot Chart capabilities to the Google spreadsheet. Up till now I have seen Panorama’s add – in to the Microsoft Excel, but as Microsoft has been pushing Proclarity forward, Google might well be a fresh alternative! So if you’re using Google Apps, you might very well want to read more details about the...
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The Select Statement and the Reverse Function in SQL

March 14, 2008

I found out today something quite peculiar, which I didn't know up till now. I have a table which has codes and names in it. The names are in Hebrew and need to be reversed. The table should have rows in it only if there exists a description for the code. It shouldn't have codes in it that don't have a description. This is my select statement and its result:   Which was weird, because why would I have a blank line for a code? I shouldn't have a line for it at all in that case. Still, I needed to reverse...
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SQL Server Data Services – SSDS

March 8, 2008

SQL Server Data Services - SSDSWell I guess this means that soon enough we'll all have to know some new initials... Microsoft has announced in MIX08 about SQL Server Data Services (SSDS). SSDS is a new, web-based, on-demand data storage and query processing utility services. SQL Server Data Services is built on SQL Server database and Windows Server technologies and Microsoft promises scalability and security in this new service.  Just so as to promise they're keeping up on all ends, SSDS also enables the use of LINQ - based query language and also full - text search. SQL Server Data Services also supports a flexible data model with...
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