A Shift in the Market

October 26, 2007

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This week, a couple of things happened. The first big news was that SAP had purchased Business Objects. The move is considered a response to Oracle buying Hyperion earlier this year. Microsoft has acquired ProClarity earlier in 2006. There also remains Cognos, SAS and Panorama as individual players. Still, Panorama has its own sort of news for this week, after it fired 20 of its workers in Israel (the article is in Hebrew). The workers are said to be from the development department and make for a fifth of the entire Israeli office of Panorama (which has 250 workers worldwide). Panorama has said this is not a dramatic move and still expects its new version of its cube viewer to be available during 2008.

All of this is happening in the BI Market which is said to grow by 11% till 2010, a larger growing rate than the one the general software market has.

I can’t help but wonder to myself – how will the BI Market shift next?

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  1. Eran KampfOctober 26, 2007 ב 19:54

    I wouldn’t call it a shift but a consolidation in the market.
    All these purchases do not mark a new BI trend or an emerging…

  2. Ella MaschiachOctober 27, 2007 ב 9:05

    I admit I do think it’s a matter of some companies becoming stronger. I should think that the market share for Business Objects will grow, now that it has got Sap as a back. I should imagine the same is true for Hyperion. I think Proclarity grew after it was bought by Microsoft.
    That leaves the other companies, who do not have a big company behind them, with the need to become more innovative or to find a niche in which they can excel.