Strange things can happen to a cube….

August 9, 2007

…like for instance, it could all of a sudden turn into a ball!  J

Ok bad computing joke.

So this time around I thought I’d tell you about a weird incident I had with my cube. I found out I could see my cube in the Management Studio and even browse it, but when trying to run an MDX on it (again, in the Management Studio) it would tell me I didn’t have any cubes for the MDX to run on.. I could still run MDX scripts on it in my SSAS project so I continued as usual, thinking to myself only that this is all very odd. Things got worse as when I tried to develop a new view on it in the Panorama Nova View Desktop, it also told me I had no cube to build on..

So, I realized I was sitting on a ticking bomb.

I could not see anything wrong with the project in the SSAS, and was left to conclude that something went wrong with the XML that is in the back of the project. No way around it, I had to build the project again. To a new project I added the items of: Data Source, DSV and Dimensions. I only built the cube itself from scratch. And now, I regained my cube! MDX scripts, here I come…

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