Data Dude Service Release 1

August 1, 2007

I’ll start by describing Data Dude (or DB Dude) first to all of us who don’t use it, now shall I?  

It’s a tool for the management of databases, enabling you to keep track of version history of a database with a source control on the scripts that build the database. The tool was first introduced to the very talented DBA in my department โ€“ Boris Kogan โ€“ by Maor David from SRL. Boris was obviously very pleased to have a bit of work and headache saved with this new tool.

Just a week ago, Microsoft released the SR1 for Data Dude and you can check the download and the accompanying knowledge base article that comes with it. Be sure to have Service Pack 1 installed on your Visual Studio 2005 before you use it.

So go on, make your DBA happy ๐Ÿ˜‰ โ€ฆ

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