Katmai – SqlServer 2008

May 15, 2007

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The future is here! The future is now!

So, for a minute there I was feeling like I was at the fore front of technology, working on the SQL Server 2005 platform. But soon enough that too might be out of date ๐Ÿ˜‰

Microsoft had just announced a new SQL Server 2008 called “Katmai”.
The new platform is advertised as having:

  1. Mission critical platform for all โ€“ providing a more secure platform and less time demanding in the field of data infrastructure management.

  2. Beyond relational โ€“ allowing developers to use any type of data from xml to documents

  3. Redefining pervasive insight โ€“ integrating data into scalable DWH and integrating reports with Microsoft Office.

  4. Dynamic development for data management solutions- providing integrated development with the .Net Framework 3.0.

I think what I liked best about it is a new concept called LINQ which theyโ€™re advertising. According to the datasheet, it will enable developers to define business entities (like Product) using Entity Data Model. I find that very consistent with the Kimball Method which argues that a Business Entity should group all of its own attributes.

Also interesting is the spatial data types moving the geographical information forward.
All in all, good newsโ€ฆ and more to learn!

The platform is suppose to air in 2008.

For further details see:     

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