Wcf services – advanced NetTpcBinding configuration

7 במרץ 2009

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In our application we chose WCF as a primary communication component. WCF provide several binding protocols and each one of them had its cons and pros. In our system we needed a high performance communication between several servers, it was the reason we used the WCF with NetTcpBinding. If you want to maximize your system utilization and having a better control on your services, you should make some fine tuning in the NetPctBinding. The default configurations for this binding are good for some classic scenarios, but like every other software if you need something more, you should override this default settings. It sounds like a simple task, just copy an existing binding configuration from the net and put it in your application, but actually it is very hard. The complication is caused by some serious reasons: the errors aren’t clear, the documentation is awful and some of the parameters are affected by each other and are also not documented. In my next posts I’ll write about some of this advanced configurations:

InstanceContextMode and ConcurrencyMode

Wcf configuration – Throttling settings

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